Sponsors & Partnerships

Please check out some of the lovely companies who have sponsored and partnered with d20 Dames for more fun at your gaming table!

Jess has her dice ready to go with her Loraya character sheet.

Jess has her dice ready to go with her Loraya character sheet.

Norse Foundry

Fine quality metal dice that will make you feel like you’re a barbarian throwing a hand-axe as you let your d20 loose on the world! Norse Foundry carries everything from Blacksmith’s Anvil to Lycantrhope Silver to Bardic Purple metal.

Use discount code ‘d20 dames’ to save yourself 15% on your purchase of dice, dice trays, enamel pins, plushies and more at check out when shopping at Norse Foundry. And tell your friends!


Campaign Coins

Looking for real metal coins for your favorite RPG game night? Campaign Coins is minting just for your gaming table! From Lynda Mills enchanting d20 Crit or Fail Coin design to coins based on authentic currency throughout history, there’s plenty to jangle in your dice bag!

d20 Dames even uses a heavy-duty d20 coin for Damespiration awarded throughout the game by another playable charater. And because they’re cheeky, Campaign Coins sent us d20 Crit pins (above right) in antiqued gold, silver and copper to help with our comically low rolls.