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We’ve got merch for sale on TeePublic as well as playable adventures! Many d20 Dames episodes are original adventures written by DM Kat Kruger. When these adventures are published in the DM's Guild you can find them here - you can purchase these adventures to play with your friends and family!


Trouble at Tresendar Manor

A short adventure for 1st level characters.

The town of Phandalin has seen its share of adventure. With bandits cleared out from the ruins of Tresendar Manor and coffers flowing from logging and mining, town council has sought to restore the historic site to its former glory. However, when the construction crew goes missing one night, a search party is sent to uncover what new threat might lurk beneath the manor.


Safety Guaranteed

A one-hour adventure for 3rd level characters.

The adventuring party arrives at Emerald Forest Adventure Con where attendees can get autographs and portraits with celebrity adventurers like Volo, Elminster, and Drizzt or wander the Merchant Hall for their adventuring needs. However, the big talk of the convention is “Actual Dungeon” — a live dungeon crawl experience with none of the risk. Unfortunately, when the characters decide to venture in things don’t go quite as promised.


Escape from the Fortress of Memories

A two-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters.

In the bustling town of Phandalin, a young girl goes missing one night. The adventuring party is drawn into a strange dreamlike world by the whims of the Raven Queen. In order to escape, they must help the girl fight the very things that spawn from her imagination.