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The Cult of Side Hustle Panel @ ECCC

Room: TCC L3-R1

Featuring: Jen Vaughn, Jordan Ellis, Jazzlyn Stone, Wendy Buske, Jaimie Cordero, Tara Theoharis

The idea of having your own geek-biz "side hustle" can be exciting - making cash and even pursuing a creative dream without quitting your day job. But it can also be daunting and overwhelming. How do you get going? What do you love doing enough to add hours of work to your every day? And, most importantly, is the reality of what it takes to be "successful" something you REALLY want to do? This panel of nerdy business "hustlers" will share what it took for them to get off the ground, the roadblocks they've had to navigate, and if all of that hustle is paying off personally and professionally.