S02 E06: Podcasts of Ravnica Special - The Park Job with special guest Arnie Niekamp

This special one-shot adventure is set in the Magic the Gathering world of Ravnica to celebrate Wizards of the Coast's latest book release, Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica! We're one of 10 different podcasting groups, each representing one of the 10 Ravnica guilds. We've rolled up brand new characters to play this special adventure written by our DM, Kat Kruger.

When the middlest of the middle detectives of Azorius Senate are asked to investigate some missing personal property, they're helping more than just their commander. Investigations go awry for a talented arrester, a fresh-faced department newbie, a barely-there precog and a pushy paperwork pusher in The Park Job.

Featuring very special guest Arnie Niekamp from Hello from the Magic Tavern!

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Brittni Liyanage