S01 E11 - LIVE from Emerald City Comic Con (One-shot)

We're LIVE from Emerald City Comic Con! This a recording from our live show last March and we are so excited to share it with you! This is a one-shot adventure written by our DM Kat Kruger and it's a great, easy listen if you'd like to introduce d20 Dames to a friend. Kat's adventure will be published on the DM's Guild as well! We'd also like to thank our special guest artists who drew the game live during the show and brought the Dames to life on paper - Kel McDonaldJoe Pimienta, and Kara Leopard (to see these drawings head over to @d20dames).

This episode The Dames find themselves at Emerald Forest Adventure Con for the day - what could go wrong?

Brittni Liyanage