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My fave moment so far is the understated, “We’re... we’re the good guys... gals!” All of my #dnd podcasts need more women.
— @kyleewho, Twitter
One of my favourite #d20dames moment was when Riot discovered that she was into brogue accents and was essentially tickled pink by Leda’s voice.
— @merwifs, Twitter
I love all the puns! I love the crazy dancing moment in the inn! I just straight up love the interactions with the NPCs. Y’all are wonderful. #d20dames
— @coyotewitch, Twitter
I’ve been bingeing the entire series while I bake today, thanks for the entertainment. I really loved the mandatory talent show as an opening scene to get to know the characters, and how afterwards they haggled from 8 gold up to 9 so that no one had to do math to figure out even payment.
— Calli Nelson, Facebook