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An archive for a storytelling podcast handcrafted by witches and powered by TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. While we're no longer producing new episodes you can still listen to this family-friendly, predominantly women of color podcast wherever listening is free! We're off on other misadventures!

Good Fortune Campaign

2018 to 2022. Featuring Dungeon Master Kat Kruger, Jen Vaughn, Brittni Leigh Liyanage, Meris Mullaley, and jess ross.

Wanderleaf Campaign

2022 to 2023. Featuring Dunegon Master Kat Kruger, Brittni Leigh Liyanage, jess ross, and Jen Vaughn.

Live Shows

Throughout our years we played many live shows together at places like GeekSpaceTV, Wizards of the Coast, GenCon, Very Very Shopping Network and several other conventions before and during Covid. Enjoy our faces on YouTube!


We have designed many adventures for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and many more TTRPGS in addition to written and drawn books and comic books. Grab a copy or two from the DMs Guild, DriveThruRPG, Bookshop.org, and your local library!

TTRPG Adventures we designed

Adventures and books we designed
(not featured on the podcasts)

Misadventurers,Since 2017 we’ve had the immense privilege to tell stories through podcasts, live shows, and streams. This community has been a beacon from the start, but especially throughout the pandemic. So, it is with a heavy heart that we announce d20 Dames will be coming to an end. Building these characters and worlds together has been a highlight for all of us, but it's time for us to close this chapter to make room for other projects and creative endeavors.Our entire back catalog of podcast episodes will continue to be available through regular channels and we will also be working toward adding the rest of our episodes on YouTube for accessibility. We’ll be rolling out some of the outstanding live-plays we’ve been working on since the summer which may bring us to the end of 2023.Before we come to a close we’ll host a special Q&A with the d20 Dames in which we take questions from and share moments with our misadventurers. You can submit questions, comments, and fond memories with us by email at d20damespodcast@gmail.com or by calling in at (775) 391-8547 by November 24, 2023As we begin the process of shutting down websites, we want to offer one last chance to pick up any d20 Dames merchandise available at TeePublic. If anyone is interested in picking up d20 Dames branded dice from Norse Foundry, please get in touch with us directly at d20damespodcast@gmail.com by November 30, 2023.Although we are closing this chapter as d20 Dames, we look forward to future collaborations with each other. This is not the last that you’ll see of us working together in different capacities. In the meantime, here’s what each of us has planned individually:Kat Kruger: Continuing to stream solo TTRPGs on Mondays at 10 a.m. Pacific on Twitch. Journal entries and more content will be available on Patreon. All other links can be found at Steampunk Unicorn Studio.
Jess Ross: Will soon be bringing their two stats--dinosaurs and chaos--to Twitch. All other shenanigans can be found at writejess.com.
Jen Vaughn: Continues to run Fiasco Fridays on the first Friday each month at Twitch. In addition, she will be releasing her comics on immigrating to France over at Patreon, drawing over at Twitch (mind the underscore!), and upcoming new book news at HauntedVaultStudios!
Brittni Liyanage: Continuing content on TikTok and for all else including vocalist appearances visit brittnileigh.com.
As a final note, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for the support and kindness you’ve shown over the past six years. It has meant more than you might imagine. Until next time…Misadventure Awaits,Kat, jess, Jen, Brittni