d20 Dames Podcast

d20 Dames is a tabletop storytelling podcast powered by Dungeons & Dragons. Every other week a group of five daring ladies comes together to explore a fantastic realm, befriend (or behead) monsters, and punch creeps. 

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Meet the Dames


Kat - DM

Kat is Chief Wordsmith at Steampunk Unicorn Studio, offering a wide gamut of storytelling, workshop, and publishing services. Her latest game credits include Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate, and “X Marks the Spot” (a D&D adventure set in a Magic: The Gathering world). Follow her on Twitter @katkruger.


Jen - Ranger

Jen is a freelance cartoonist and game designer. Her recent gaming credits include Episode, Nicki Minaj: The Empire, Plants vs Zombies. Her recent comics include the D&D-style comics anthology, Cartozia Tales; Deadwater, a lesbian western comic; and she's writing the new Goosebumps comic! Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @thejenya.


Brittni - Producer

Brittni works as a Senior Product Manager at a tech startup. She is an avid podcast listener, writer & producer of various media projects and can be found in the Seattle area playing board games at comic book shops. Follow her @brittnileigh on Twitter.


Meris - Monk

Meris is an aspiring concept artist, erstwhile archaeologist, and avid seamstress. She is interested in the stories told by our clothes and the things we carry through life. In addition to creating many personal cosplays, she has designed costumes for Wizards of the Coast. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @FabricAlchemist.